Scientific expertise

Organisations on Wageningen Campus have easy access to the knowledge of world renowned scientific experts from Wageningen University & Research and from the other R&D research centres on campus, both public and private ones. New state-of-the-art technology is present to provide answers for your research.

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Applied research

The nine research institutes of WUR collaborate with national and international partners on applied and strategic, sometimes field-based research.

Foodvalley NL

Team up with Foodvalley NL: the Foodvalley platform ensures access to an even wider network of knowledge professionals.


Research Institute NIOO-KNAW is specialized in basic and strategic ecological research on individual organisms, populations, communities and ecosystems.

OnePlanet Research Center

The OnePlanet Research Center is a multidisciplinary collaboration between Wageningen University & Research, Radboud University, Radboud University Medical Center and nano-and digital technology hub IMEC, creating breakthroughs in Precision Health, Nutrition & Behavior and Precision Agriculture, Food & Environment.

Research Hubs

Research hubs and innovation centres of national and international companies such as KeyGene, Unilever, FrieslandCampina, Cheil Jedang, Yili, Kubota, or for example Witteveen & Bos, add substantial expertise to the campus ecosystem.
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Shared Research Facilities 

Innovative research often requires advanced equipment, facilities and specialized expertise. Through Shared Research Facilities, equipment, facilities and knowledge are made available for everyone. The Shared Research Facilities team creates a network in which the sustainable use of sharing of equipment and resources is common.