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With incubators for young talent, establishment of R&D centres of national and international organisations and business incubators for SMEs, among others, Wageningen Campus has become one of the 10 top campuses in the Netherlands. Internationally, Wageningen Campus is also highly regarded as a knowledge centre for food, agro and food production, health sciences, biobased products, AI and the living environment. Its landmark buildings including the monolithic buildings of Wageningen University & Research, and those at the nearby Business & Science Park Wageningen house numerous facilities. Discover Wageningen Campus for yourself!

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Explore the campus on a campus tour

Students from Wageningen University & Research have been trained as campus tour guides and provide various campus tours.


Join the protein transition campus tour

Experience the protein transition as an audio tour through Wageningen Campus and discover more about WUR's activities around the protein transition. This tour is only available in Dutch.

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Explore the campus

The interactive PDF 'Discover Wageningen Campus' allows you to discover the campus for yourself. Choose from the themes: art, buildings, sustainability, nature and 'the story behind'.

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Video tour

Want to know what's happening at different organisations and companies on campus? Then explore the campus through our video tour. Look inside buildings on campus and hear directly from campus residents!

What can you expect?


Wageningen University & Research has always paid attention to and been interested in visual arts, based on the idea that art and science, both driven by curiosity, can reinforce and inspire each other. The tradition is that a new work of art is placed at the opening of a new building. Usually there is an interface with the domain of Wageningen University & Research. But artworks commemorating a particular event can also be found on campus. In total, there are some 40 works of art.

Buildings and grounds

The urban design follows the linear alley structure of the historical cultural landscape in which the campus is located. In the central part, a landscape is designed with monoliths rising from the greenery. This landscape is flanked by relatively low buildings; on the north side are the Wageningen Research institutes, and on the south side are the R&D buildings of the other campus organisations.

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Wageningen Campus inspires innovators to work towards a sustainable future by providing a sustainable working environment: 80% of the campus is already climate neutral. Grey water is used in the Gaia, Lumen and NIOO-KNAW buildings to reduce the amount of drinking water used. In addition, most buildings are heated and cooled by means of heat and cold storage. Thanks to this system, virtually no natural gas is used on campus.


The grasslands, hedgerows and wooded areas on campus are not only a green oasis of tranquillity and relaxation, but are also part of ecological corridors that support the migration, reproduction and development of flora and fauna. The campus actually acts as a Living Lab in which students, researchers and businesses work closely together in research pilots and student assignments.

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