Vision for the future NL2120, honored in the Walk of Fame at Wageningen Campus!

Published on
June 17, 2024

The team behind The Netherlands in 2120, the nature-based vision for the future of the Netherlands, received a tile in the Walk of Fame at Wageningen Campus. Last year they won the second edition of the WUR Impact Award 2023. Next week, they will passing the baton to a succeeding team that will receive the WUR Impact Award 2024.


NL2120 brought together research from the entire spectrum of Wageningen University & Research to develop a hopeful vision for the Netherlands in roughly 100 years. This is an integral vision in that it considers the spatial planning of the Netherlands in 2120 from all these different perspectives, such as agriculture, biodiversity, sustainable energy, water, and the circular economy. This map is not a blueprint, but a projection. It shows the Netherlands as it could look in 2120 if nature-based solutions are prioritised.

Impact Award

Every year, the WUR Impact Award is awarded to a team of researchers from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) that has made knowledge and research applicable in practice in hopes of inspiring other colleagues to do the same. Societal impact could take many forms, it always takes extra steps to ensure that knowledge reaches interested parties, to engage in collaborations and to make science applicable. This year the Impact Award 2024 Ceremony takes place on June 20th. It is still possible to register and to vote, so make sure to do so!

WUR Impact Award 2024: cast your vote! - WUR

Further impact

Over the past year, the impact of NL2120 has been further expanded with many initiatives. The team NL2120 has been working with students on a similar vision for Europe. The team also collaborated with the World Wide Fund for Nature to conduct a session on nature-based solutions at the COP28 in Dubai. During this session, Tim van Hattum discussed the importance of imagining a nature-positive future for Europe in 2120 once again. The vision NL 2120 served as inspiration for the Nature-Based Future Challenge, where 700 students from 44 countries developed a nature-based vision for Bangladesh. And the National Growth Fund programme started, a ten-year knowledge and innovation programme worth 110 million euros, with 25 partners. The NL 2120 map of the Netherlands is now displayed in three Dutch museums and an educational package about NL 2120 is being developed for secondary schools. Additionally the vision was presented at the VNG conference to aldermen and mayors.

Hope leads to action

“A green and clear vision of the future inspires and creates hope. And that is exactly what we need to boost any action,” is what Tim van Hattum said.

Michael van Buuren added after laying the tile in the path: "Always believe in your own idea and stay true to it, for it is your vision and perseverance that will turn ideas into reality. Every small step counts”. Then he continued laughing yet serious: “Let's replace another tile with a green patch”.


The WUR Impact Award is made possible by the Wageningen Ambassadors. The Wageningen Ambassadors are alumni of WUR and all leading figures in business and government who gladly offer support to WUR. By using their network, experience and financial resources, they aim to build a bridge between WUR and society.